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lu ble

Hello Community,

I'm using BarTender Designer 2019 R6 with seagull drivers with an epson TM-C7500G.

I would like to add a pause of few seconds after printing each label.

i ve tried with Bartender document options, document actions, for each identical copy , wait: 3 seconds.

it doent work.

i ve also tried Bartender document options , enable document script, OnIdenticalCopies , "Sleep(3000)"

but it doent work.

Any ideas what i m doing wrong please ?


Pete Thane
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I dont think there is an option to pause for X seconds.

These seem to be the only options

  • Pause. Specifies whether the printer pauses during the print job, and if so, what pause interval is used. The following options are available:


    • After Every Page. Specifies that the printer pauses after each page.


    • After Specified Interval. Specifies that the printer pauses after the specified number of pages have printed and also at the end of the print job.


    • After Identical Copies. Specifies that the printer pauses after the number of copies that is specified in the application for the pause interval are printed.


    • After Job. Specifies that the printer pauses at the end of each print job.


    • No Pause. Specifies that the printer does not pause.

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