Cannot reflect Global Data Field when connected to the System Database Follow


I was able to connect to a centralized BarTender System Database. Currently there are two computers connected to this database: the host, and a client. 

I created two GDFs in the host BarTender Suite. I then successfully connected to this System Database using the wizard on my client computer (successful message returned). However, when I enter the BarTender Suite, I cannot see the GDF created from the host computer. Moreover, when I click on the GDF bar, I constantly get the message "In order to use Global Data Fields, you must upgrade the BarTender System Database. Would you like to run the System Database Wizard now?"

This pop-up appears every time I try to access the GDF task bar. The Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio connects to this server just fine.

I do not know how to proceed in successfully sharing GDF in the BarTender System Database


Update: If I attempt to create a new GDF in the client computer while it's connected with the System Database, I receive the following error:

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