BOLD text individual words in a text box for food lebeling on 8.01. Follow

James Smith

I am trying to making individual words bold in version 8.01 please help.





Pete Thane
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There is a sample label that is included with the latest version of BarTender for the EU FIC labelling and the formatting (normal bolding) of Allergens including where the data is variable and comes for a database etc. So you get something like this


The problem is this file in n BarTender 2019 format and so you will not be able to open it with your version 8.01. You could potentially download the Trial version of 2019 and open the label and save is as version 8.01. However as you version of the software has not been produced since 2010 there are a large number of advanced features that have since been added to the BarTender and the EU FIC label is quite complex and I expect it will be using some of these features and so it may not work anyway.


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