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Connect to remote DataBase



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    Al Perez

    Antonio, thanks for your post, and I apologize it has taken us some time to respond!

    Antonio, if your labels are hosted on a separate machine than the server hosting your database files, you'll want to be sure that the machine hosting your labels has permission to access those data sources - the fastest way to do that is by creating a network share folder. Once you do that, you'll have to manually change the data source location for your labels, via Database Connection Setup (since the connection string is not updated when you move data sources).

    If you're having issues accessing your data sources after this, consider opening a ticket with Technical Support at this link.

    Thanks again!

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    Antonio Rodriguez

    Hello Al

    Look like I have to mount a VPN since my server (where data bases are located) is no at the same LAN to the machine that print the labels, server is located on Amazon AWS. Do you think that I have another option ?




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