Intergration Builder With Serialization Transfrom Follow

Doug Gerlach

I have a Label btw file that has a 2D barcode which one of the field has a serialization transform of "Increment by 1 every page, numeric, rollover limit 999 reset to 100".  When i print from Bartender Designer, and print 3 labels, the serial number increments by 3, and the next time I print 3 labels, it prints from 103 to 105, which is what I would expect.  When I use the label in integration builder, and print 3 labels, starting from serial 103, it prints 103 to 105 like I would expect.  When I print another 3 from integration builder, it print the same 103 to 105 serial numbers, like it never updated where it was in the increment position for the serialization transform.  Is there something additional I need to configure for this to save the serial number when printing from integration builder?




Pete Thane
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I assume this is ticked:


If so have you tried configuring Integration Builder to run under a different User account in the event it is a permissions issue? This option can be found on the Actions tab in Integration Builder.

Alternatively you could try setting the serial; number field as a Global Data Field.


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