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Blake Adams

Hello all!

I work for a school, we just received 4000 devices in.

We are needing to configure the bartender to allow us to do the following:

1. Scan serial numbers off of boxes into on a label, displayed both as text and barcode.
2. Add a "tag" for our inventory system, put it on the label as text and barcode as well.
3. With each print, the "tag" needs to go up incrementally. IE, "ABC123, ABC124", etc.

I have had some luck thus far with setting up two text boxes(serial number text and tag text), then two barcodes (serial number bar code and tag barcode). Then on each bar code, I set its data source to the "text" respectively.

On the "serial number text", I created a form that prompts for the serial number (this will be scanned off the box), this then feeds into the "serial number text box" on the label, which fills in the respective barcode box.

I have set the "tag text" name to have the starting number for out tag, ie "ABC001", I have set this increase by one. I have also set the "move focus between controls when enter key is pressed".

This works ok, as I press print, the form prompts for the serial number, I scan it from the box, I still have to hit "ok" or space bar....the label prints, and asks for the next serial number, the tag goes up by one.

My questions are.

1. How do I get it to just print the label after I scan it? I don't want to press "ok" or the spacebar each time.
2. More importantly, how can I get an export of each label? I need to still place these devices into our asset management system...with the "tag" to "serial number" relation.

In the past, I would just scan all of the serial numbers and tags into excel, save that file, and use it for the input into our asset manager. 
The downside to this method is that is slower and you have to work in batches.

We are trying to set this up so that we can have an assembly line and move quicker.

Any help appreciated.

Hopefully, this makes sense.



Pete Thane
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1. If you can you may need to add some extra data terminators in your scanner say a TAB and then an Enter so that the data is scanned into the box and then the cursor moves to the print button and then the Enter is sent. For a less seamless system you could create an "Enter" barcode that the uses scans after the first barcode to trigger the actual print.

(I take it on the Print screen Option tab that you have ticked the Repeat until cancelled tick box so the prompt screen is displayed again after your label is printer ready for the next scans. )

2. Check out the Administer > Log Setup and the Text file logging option as this could be used to create a record of what has been printed and could hopefully be upload in the same way as the Excel method even if you have to import it into Excel first.

I hope this helps..   

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