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I do not want an operator to change the text of a label but he must be able to move the textblocks.

How can I achieve this


Peter Thane
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I cannot think of how you could do this directly. You can do it the other way round in a number of ways but not lock the data and leave the field adjustable.

You could link the data to a database file and so the users could only edit it by editing the database. Alternatively you could either lock and hide a 2nd layer on the label and place the data fields set as Named Data Sources and use VB to call them or do something similar but on the same layer adding named fields onto the template but dragged along way off the side of the label to hide them and again use VB.to reference. Neither of these are very elegant but it could work.  

However, one thing I cant understand is why the you would need to change the text positions but not the data. If you could explain this then there maybe an alternate way of finding a solution for what you want to do.

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