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Using BT 2021 R1, connecting directly to a SQL server my query shows multiple unique results for a specific shipping pallet.
I'm trying to create 1 shipping label per pallet that contains all of these unique rows.

How can this be done? 

I tried it with 'Create table from database' where I enter my query in that new table, in the record brwoser I can see my unique rows but when printing all the rows are blank on the label.
Double checked and the necessary field on the label is linked to the NewTable.Field.



Peter Thane
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Still getting to grips with 2021 and so not played with the Create Table feature yet although I would use the Page Template option instead.

  • Create a blank label as normal set to the size of the full page
  • Once done go back into the page setup and tick the Enable Page Template option on the Page tab
  • Now click on the layout tab and set the appropriate margins where your header and footer information will go and configure the maximum number of rows of data that will appear on a single sheet. In the sample below my 100x100 label will have 5 records printed on it

  • Click Ok to come out of the page setup and then link your label to your database and add the appropriate fields on to your template. As you can see from the image below alll you will see is one of your rows that was set above and I have two fields on the label. After that click on the Page Template tab at the bottom and this will look something like the 2nd image below.


You can now onto here add your none header and footer fields and so your final label would look something like this Print Preview


I hope this helps



Al Perez
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Hi Birgen, thanks for your post. While Pete's option works for all versions of BarTender, I believe that this was implemented as a feature for ease of access in BarTender 2019 and BarTender 2021.

If you examine your Database Setup, you'll find an option for Records per Item. In its options, increase that number of records per printed item:



When you click OK, you'll find the list of Database Fields increases in your list of Data Sources:



You can then begin to add those Database Fields to your label in order to print multiple records in a single label.

Note the differences between these two solutions:

  1. In Pete's example, you're creating a Page with multiple labels; one record per label.
  2. In my example, you're using a single label with multiple records (no Page Template is needed).

Let us know which solution works best for you!

Peter Thane
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I did think about suggesting that method too! 

However, as he was as it was linking to an SQL table then there could be a lot of fields to consider and so it could get a bit "messy" configuring the label where you have multiples of each field to add on (ie if 10 records to a label then you would have 10 of each field in the Data Source list to choose from. That was why I suggested the Page Template route as it is simpler to implement . 


Birgen Dejans
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Thanks both.

I'm trying out the multiple records method now, looks like its going to work in my use case.

But like Pete mentioned, I already have multiple fields on the label and now every field is *14 because of the multiple records.
It would have been better to select what field can have mutiple records :) 

Anyway, I'm good for now!

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