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I am working an a label design in 2019 and am having trouble getting the form to populate correctly.  I have a named data source to parse out a PartID number from a delimited scan input (which is to be tied to another named data source, IQAScan to provide other info) and would like to query a database with the information pulled out.  I have a dynamic filter setup to match the database with this variable, but it does not update when printing..   Is there an efficient means to have the form request the scan to store the information in the named data source first, then query the database with the value of PartID?

I tried making a VBA script for a query prompt to update with the information as well, and in the VBA editing window the value is correct when testing. 

Value = Left(Format.NamedSubStrings("IQAScan").Value, (InStr(Format.NamedSubStrings("IQAScan").Value, ",")-1))

When I try to close the VBA window I get an error (#5901) stating: "The script did not read from the "Value" property which means that the currently specified data source was completely ignored."

I have another setup following the dynamic filter video that Does work correctly when entering in the PartID value directly, which will work for a template earlier in the overall workflow, but the intent I have for this particular point is to have the user scan one delimited barcode and use the first segment to query the MRP system database (SQL) and return a description (while also using that information to populate the label template with the remaining parsed data).


Peter Thane
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I have replied in the other post you add this query, but the problem is you need to perform the database lookup before the other string is sent any data. 

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