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Mark Robinson

Hi guys

 I have label with controlled by a database,  but  i am trying to have a manual overide  of radio buttons two  control two fileds of the database  i can achived this  having to lots of radio buttons but is there to combine into one ??

example current i have two radio box this might cause if  one box is check company 1 and other box checked company 2  

company1  = logopicture1.png

company2  = logopicture2.png

linked  the data logo picture

company1 = textwebsite1

company2 = textwebsite2

linked data website

so need a controlled

company 1 = picture_field and webstie_field

company 2 =picture_field and webstie_field

and ideas any one


Pete Thane
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Conditional Printing maybe the simplest way to achieve this:

Create two almost identical templates and on the first add the fields that link to logopicture1.png and textwebsite1 whilst the 2nd template links to the other pair. 

Add to your first template a text field off the side of the label and use the Change Data Source Name button into the Properties of that field to give it a name. I called mine CompanyChoice in the sample below. On your Data Entry Form, link the Radio Button list to this Named Data Source.

For each template click on the Properties of the Template tab and click on the Print When button to set up Conditional printer for each in turn similar to the screenshot below

I hope this helps



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