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printing problems



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    Peter Thane

    I assume you mean to the top and not the side as if it is the later make sure the label guides are in place against the side of the tag stockl.

    I would suggest

    • check your printer settings to make sure that printer is configured correctly and is set to use the correct sensor (Gap/Transmissive or Reflective/Mark)  that match your tag stock. 
    • Use the Seagull rather than the ZDesigner driver that Windows installs as default
    • make sure that your label sizes are correct in BarTender. The label width should be the width of your label/tags including any backer material with these accounted for in the margin settings. The tag height should be the height of the tag itself ignoring any backing material between if using labels with gaps, but if using tags with black/reflective marks then the height should be the distance between the two black marks.
    • If you notch tag stock then make sure the label sensor is positioned in such as way that the notch/hole passes under the sensor 


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    Al Perez

    Hi Giada, thanks for your post and I'm sorry that you're experiencing this issue.

    If you have some time, you can review our Common Printing Issues article and check under the section for The Print on the Label is Offset in an either X or Y direction. This should give you a starting point. If you're still having problems after running through the article, I highly suggest that you have your support number ready and open a case with Tech Support at Get Support.

    Thanks for your patience!


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