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Giavanna Iezzi

I’m trying to figure out how to set up my labels so my dates won’t change to the next day until 06:45am, to align with our 24 hour production schedule. If we change products and open a new label after midnight, it’s already updated to the next day when it’s technically still being produced the day before. We have a manufactured date yyyyMMdd, lot code that includes the Julian date yjjj, and Best By date (transformed manufactured date) Would this be like a conditional format? Something else? We already have a data entry form at print time for operators to select their respective line and shift, I’m hoping we can get this figured out to we don’t need to make the dates manual entry as well. Any tips are greatly appreciated!


Pete Thane
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BarTender will use the PCs system date and time as standard.

You could you the VB DateAdd feature to take off 6 hours and then 45 minutes from the date with something like this (for ease I added a field my label called DateTime and referenced this in my code but you could replace the first lien with Value = Now() instead)


Value = Format.NamedSubStrings("DateTime").Value

Value = DateAdd("h",-6,Value)

Value = DateAdd("n",-45,Value)

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