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Juho Elo


I send following print command from the erp program to bartender when the new information enters the database.

Process process = new ProcessBuilder(bartendExe, "/f=" + RimLabelModelFile, "/D=" + RimLabelDataFile, "/p").start();

When default printer is normal laser printer(HP Laserjet M402dn). Document is printed automatically to printer without any user operations.

If i change default printer to label printer (Zebra ZT230) and do same operation. Label doesn´t print out automatically. When pressing "save&print" button from erp program it sends same command to bartender and printing work without any errors.

How i can print automatically to label printer with out user operations?






Pete Thane
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Have you tried opening the label in BarTender, using the File>Print screen to change the printer the Zebra and then click Close on the Print Screen and then save the label.

The label will be saved with the default page settings for your HP device and note those for the Zebra.

I would also suggest using Seagull's Zebra driver rather than the ZDesigner driver that Windows likes to install automatically. 

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