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I created two templates of labels to print side by side on Brady THT-6. One is a serial number label and the other is a UDI label, so they share information but display it differently. I am currently using the print dialog to set the number of copies to print, so if QTY-5 is selected, then it'll print 5 serial number labels and 5 UDI labels by default.

However, I only need to print 4 UDI labels. I know that I can put a control on the form for the user to indicate how many labels to print, but is there a way to put two controls to indicate printing different quantities of each label.

In other words, can I have one control indicating how many serial number labels to print and a second control indicating how many UDI labels to print? Brady THT-6 labeling has rows with two columns. So if they selected 5 serial numbers and 4 UDI, the 5th row would have one serial number, then one blank label where the UDI would have been.




Pete Thane
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You cannot set a different quantity for different templates on the same label directly how you can achieve these if you enable Conditional Printing and the simplest way to access this is via the Page Setup screens:

There maybe a couple fo ways of performing this but the only one I could think of off hand would be as follows:

  • Instead of using the number of identical copies options for the number of labels to print you need to use add a decrementing serialised field, with the number of labels you require being the starting number that is decremented from. 
  • I am assuming the number of labels required is not currently shown on the label. If it is just modify/tweak the field as below. If not add a new text filed onto the screen but off to the side of the label so it does not print. Note I have left this field on the label so you can see it in the screenshots. I added the field onto the 1st template but it could actually be on either.
  • Use the Change Data Source Name Button to make this a Named field. I called mine TotLbl
  • Next you need to add a 2nd text field onto the side of one of the Templates and again give this a Name as above, I used LblCount
  • On the Transforms tan set this field to a Decrementing Serialised field that resets Every Job.
  • Now click on the Data Source tab and make this field a Visual Basic>Event Controlled Script field and then click on the Edit with Script Editor button.
  • In the central entry box add the following code to give the field a default value:  Value = "2"   
  • Next in the column on the left scroll down to thr OnPostPrompt setting and in that central box type Value = and then in the column on the right scroll down to the Named Data Source section and double click on the TotLbl field or whatever you called it and so the screen should now look like this:
  • To enable the operator to enter this quantity of labels required at print and to make the above VB work you need to add a Text or Number Entry field on to a Data Entry Form and link that to the number of serialised labels option. To complete this use the Data Entry Control option and add either a Number or Text Input box and then double click to adjust the properties of the box.
  • Click on Text Label and change the Enter Number or Text Label to something suitable, such as Number of labels and then click on the Linked Data Source option and then in the column of the right click on Serial Numbers. Once completed click Close and click on one of the Templates at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now we need to adjust the Conditional Printing and so click on the Page Setup icon and then click on your second template and then press the Print When button.
  • The conditional printing screen will now appear and then choose the Conditionally based on expression option and then press the + button next to the And
  • The expression you need is the name you gave to the decrementing field does not equal 1 which should look something like this:
  • Click OK and Ok and save the label and you are done. 

When you print you should now get a result like the image below.

I hope this helps




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