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Rachael Evans

I want to set up a template that is the same for all lines from my data file, but based on a line in that file only print certain labels. 

For example, we print on various band colors and rather than going through to manually select each "blue" line, I'd like the template to read that cell of data to print only those lines. Is this possible? I've been reading through the Conditional printing posts and instructions. Thus far everything seems to reference specific objects being conditionally printed or suppressed. I have little to no skill with macros, coding, or anything related to VBA so solutions will need to user interface based. 


Pete Thane
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If the label layouts are different for the different colours then multiple templates with conditional printing maybe the way to go where you you would adjust the settings via the Print When button to something like that shown below



If the layout is the same have you looked at adding a Filter in your Database Connection Setup, such as the sample below?

At print time the user would enter the colour required (or you could even link this filter to a database linked Dropdown list per the below screenshot) and then that would then print all the records of that colour or else you could add in additional filters or a record picker to choose the actual item you want.


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