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An administrator is installing Bartender 2019_R5 on a new computer with Windows 10 that replaced the existing one which had a working copy and the message "this archive is corrupted" appears.  Does that mean the copy being executed is corrupted?

I tried to locate a copy of Bartender 2019_R5 to download from Seagall but only see version 2019_R10.  Is R5 still available somewhere? 

Have the license key for only version R5.



Al Perez
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Hi Laurie, thank you for your post!

To make a long story short, if you purchased your Key for BarTender 2019, then all revisions of BarTender 2019 can be activated with the license Key.

Two items to note:

  1. If you have an active maintenance agreement, you can upgrade your software to BarTender 2021 (if that is what you prefer to do).
  2. The license Key is not tied down to the revision of the software (such as R5). You can use your product key code to activate BarTender 2019, R10.

Whenever there are significant updates to the software, the older revision is removed and replaced with the newer one; that is to say, you will benefit from being on the latest and greatest, which for BarTender 2019, is the R10 build.

If you have further questions, let us know!

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