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Richard Chover

We are attempting to create the mockup on the right below:

Our current label is on the left, but our operations team wants to add headers("Zone A, Zone X, etc.") and bin numbers("A1, A2, A6,..."), while still keeping the text dynamic so there is no excess white spaces/gaps. 

We have no issue making all of the data available to the template through a SQL database connection.  We are just trying to:

1) come up with some ways to display the headers, and as bold format

2) insert the bin numbers "A1, A2, A6,...", as bold format

3) keep all of this dynamic so we don't have large white spaces/gaps


One item that may be complicating this is that we already group the database once.


Xabier Clemente
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Hello Richard,

Thank you for your query.

Have you tried using Search and Replace transform actions on the Text Properties options linked to the database list we want to modify?

By creating multiple actions such as Search and Replace After and Search and Search and Replace Before we could create headers and bin numbers for these database entries. These will remain on the database fields' text properties and would affect the end output. So I believe it could be a viable option we could use.

For bolding the text, however, we might have to go ahead and use VB Script

Hopefully, this can be something you make use of.

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