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Allen Valdes

Hello all, I have 24 hours of XP with Bartender so please be patient. 

I am creating a label(s) that needs to be connected to a production DB (packaging) via ODBC, and will be triggered by a Web Integration from the packaging system.

To give you some background information, we are packaging books. Each one with a consecutive serial number. Every box contains an agreed-upon amount of books. The box label needs to show general client information.

We get this information by calling an SP in the DB and leveraging query prompts which works perfectly. The SP also shows other information regarding the box specified in the query prompt, box number, packed book number range, book numbers omitted, all good there too.

The label also needs to include a list of every single book packed, for that I tried to use a Table Data Field, but, I can't find a way to dynamically filter the packed books in the box there is no query prompts for Table Data Fields. 

Any idea how to accomplish this? 


Thank you in advance



Laura Vela
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Hello Allen,

Thank you for your message.


Unfortunately, this functionality is not available yet for Table Objects but, it has already been requested, so hopefully it will be available soon.

One alternative that you have might be to use the 'Records per item' option within the database setup wizard (File > Database setup) in order to be able to display more records per page while still being able to filter out the database dynamically:


Or, alternatively, instead of dynamically filtering the database of the Table Object, use a 'dummy' database linked to the Table Object and at print time (either with Document Actions/Form actions/Integration Builder, depending on your workflow) overwrite the 'dummy data' with the correct data and thus updating the contents of the table.

Let me know if this helps!


Grant Allen
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I am also trying to do something like this. I'm trying to build something like a packing slip with a table for a certain order. I'd like to use a table. How would I change the data source at print time?

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