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Hello together,

I'am trying to check if the value of the field starts with II. If yes then I want a messagebox to appear to the user. I tried the following

if value like "II*" then Msgbox ("ATEX") end if

Thanks for your help


Peter Thane
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You could add go into the Form Properties of a Data Entry Form and then add an Action to show a Message Box.

In the sample images below I made the field to check a Name Data Source via the button in the properties of that field (I called mine TypeSomething)


In the Action tab of the show button option I configured my parameters to show ther Doh! message set above if the data entered type into the box on the Data Entry form (that is linked to the TypeSomething field on the label) starts with "Dave" and the final image shows what you get when you go to print.

I hope this helps

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