Does VBA not run unless the full program is open? Follow


I wrote a small script yesterday that reports back to the database how many labels just printed. I had it reliably working on my development computer, but when I moved it to the print room computer it doesn't seem to function as expected. The only difference I can think of is that I developed and tested it with the full Bartender suite open, but when I and my employees are using the file in our regular workflow we right-click on the icon and select "Print," which pops up the dialog box I designed.


Hence my question; do VBA scripts not run unless the entire BarTender design suite is open?


Peter Thane
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Depending on how you have configured it then it should work. I would normally configure something like this as an Event Controlled VB Script routine.

Saying that, depending on your version of BarTender, you could also just use the Administer>Log Setup option and ouptut just the Copies value to a text file and then use Integration Builder to trigger on that file and take the contents of it and write that to your database.

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