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Extra check digits (they are doubled) in GS1 barcodes



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    Peter Thane

    If you do not use the GS1-128 symbology but just the standard Code 128 with a FNC1 (^1) prefix then it will work the barcode symbol although not the human readable and so you would need to add in the brackets (search and replace perhaps or output the string twice once with and once without the brackets  

    The text field below is the string used for the top Code128 barcode without the brackets but including the FNC1.

    The bottom barcode is a GS1-128 using the same text string but without the Function 1 characters (^1)



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    Andrew Usachov

    you would need to add in the brackets

    This means parsing GS1 data by yourself. This is what I'm trying to avoid in the original post :-)

    Thanks to your reply, here goes the list of solutions for some cases of GS1 with no need to parse GS1 data:

    • GS1-128 without human-readable text only:
    1. change symbology to Code 128,
    2. prefix the data with ^1 (FNC1).
    • GS1 DataMatrix with or without human-readable text:
    1. change the symbology to Data Matrix,
    2. change Prefix to GS1 FNC1 (Manual Check Digit).
    • GS1 DataBar Expanded or GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked without human-readable text only:
    1. uncheck the Apply Application Identifier Specification checkbox.
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    Andrew Usachov

    The problem has been solved, thanks to Agustin Olivero (BarTender Support Center).

    A workaround is as follows:

    1. In case of GS1 DataMatrix symbology, just use the plain DataMatrix symbology instead and set Prefix to GS1 FNC1 (Manual Check Digit).
    2. In case of other GS1 symbologies (GS1-128, GS1 QR Code etc.), combine:
    • a barcode in the corresponding plain symbology (Code 128, QR Code etc.) and Visibility set to None in Human Readable tab
    • with the barcode described in (1) using the same data source and Color set to None in Symbology and Size tab.

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