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I have installed BarTender 2016 R5 on a couple differenct PCs and on each one when we attempt to access the Administrator Console we recieve the Error:

The BarTender System service is not installed. 


We have attempted to Repair, modify and Reinstall the installation instance several times to no success. It seems as if the system service files are not being installed during the main installation at all. 

I have a good installation instance on another PC that has the SystemService files in the installation directory that are missing from these installations. If I copy the missing files over is there a way to activate the missing service?


Xabier Clemente
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Hi Mark!

Thank you for your message and welcome to the BarTender Community!

Is there any particular reason why we would want to install BarTender 2016 R5 on these workstations? It's an outdated service release for this BarTender version (we are currently on BarTender 2016 R9).

Also, we would advise using BarTender 2016 R9 as it does away with a Malware Vulnerability.

If there isn't a particular reason for the use of R5, then I would start by removing the BarTender installation from one of these machines and downloading and installing BarTender 2016 R9. You will find the installer for this updated version of the software on the previous link by clicking on the "Other versions and options" button.

Please, let us know how it went and whether installing R9 did the trick!

Mark Crabtree
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So currently BarTender 2016 Rev 9 is under review at our company for deployment but has not been yet approved. 

In my testing I did test installing Rev 9 to see if the problem was resolved, and the same issue occurred. 

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