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We are automating a print process for a file export that is limited to PDF files. Many of those PDFs are multi-page documents that when used for the BTW file only register the first page of the document.

For example, incoming PDF is 3 pages and when manually specifying the file name in Bartender Designer as the source picture, you only get the contents on Page1. I know that when you export a PDF as a JPEG through Adobe DC/Reader it converts the multiple pages into multiple files ie. PDF_Page1.jpeg, PDF_Page2.jpeg,PDF_Page3.jpeg, etc.

Is this a limitation of Bartender Designer and BTW files when dealing with multi-page PDFs?


We are on Bartender 2016 R9 Enterprise Automation version.


Xabier Clemente
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Hello Christopher!

Thank you for posting in our Community.

Regarding your query, when importing a PDF file as an image, BarTender will only import the first page. This behavior is common for BarTender 2016, 2019, and 2021.

If we want to access and import the different pages on a PDF file, we will have to divide these into different PDF files and then import them separately. I believe there are some resources online which will automatically divide a PDF's pages into different files, making the process faster; the importing to BarTender will have to be file by file though.

Hopefully, this will help.

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