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Dear support team,

I am writting you for a common client.
They actually have an Windows 7 computer with a Bartender Professional Version
They asked us to reinstall the software on a new computer running on Windows 10, as they do not have any installation source, I took every folder and file on the old computer to copy it on the new one.
As I had a lot of error while running it the first time (about missing DLL), I downloaded the trial version on your website to complete my installation.
Result: I do not have anymore error message, but the software won't launch, except for the trial version (At least it is what I think).
But this one ask for his licence key and sadly the client could not provide us this.

Can you provide us the source to reinstall this version ? Can we display the licence key on the computer still running Bartender ? 

Kind regards,



Peter Thane
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If you open BarTender Designer and go to the Help>About screen, then you will be able to see the Support Number. With this number you should be able to contact your regional Seagull Tech Support team directly to get the Product Key Code. 

I believe Build 3153 is BarTender 2016. If you go to Seagull's main website and click on the Downloads link you can access the 2016 installer file from the Downloads>Product Downloads>Previous BarTender Versions link.

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