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I'm trying to figure out how to print both an outer carton label and multiple inner carton labels together in one operation.  The number of inner cartons per outer carton can vary.  I have a database where I can lookup the job number and from that record get all the info I need including the number of inner cartons in the outer carton. 

My first thought was to create two templates in the label, one for the outer and one for inner.  That works only if the quantity of inner cartons is one per outer - I used a database field to set the copies field.  I can't figure out how to change the number of copies to print for the second inner carton template.  

Is there a way to do this?  Is there an alternative method that may be better?


Peter Thane
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The two template method maybe the way to go. 


On you inner carton template (or off to the side so it doesn't print) add two fields

1. A Named Data Source that contains the number of inner labels needed per outer (I called mine CartTotal, the 7 in the image below)

2. An incrementing serialised field that should also be named (I used Count in my sample). The Reset value for this field should be linked to your Named Data Source set above.

Note: The number of serialised labels should be the total number of inner carton labels required. 

In your Page Setup and the Templated tab, highlight the Outer label and click on the Print When button and set the conditionally print options to when Count (or Named Data Source from 2 above) Equals 1. 


At print time when printing 15 cartons the result would be this

Note the order of the Inner and the Outer can be changed by changing the other of the templates at the bottom of the design screen.

I hope this helps

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