Error printing on server, does Authenticode signature update need to be applied? Follow


Bartender 2019 R9, Automation, 11.1/156128 (32 bit) running on the server which has the printer queues, Window Server 2019
Administrative Console says no problem with license or user using license.
Label designer can print label to PDF, but not MB340 (current firmware confirmed)
TSC DiagTool prints properly to printer
pulled latest driver from Seagull website
TSC TSPL Driver, V2021.2, x64
re-installed and rebooted
Tried simplest possible print, printer properties Actions menu, Run Calibration fails to print (calibrate works fine from TSC DiagTool)
Setup worked fine in integration lab, but not on customer site. Confirmed IP address and is on same subnet.
Does the 
"Installing Authenticode signature prior to Seagull Driver installation" procedure need to done on the server?


Peter Thane
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From the look of it the new drivers wont need you to manually install the certificate.

I dont know these printers very well but I know some devices install their own network type drivers/ports. You may want to try re-adding a generic network port for the unit and see if you can communicate (I normally use the Tools>Actions>Form Feed rather than calibrate to check connection rather than run a calibration but either would work).

If the TSC install its own network driver that the DiagTool uses, you may want to check the settings of that port too to see if it uses a different RAW port than normal (usually 9100) and if it does configure the Generic network port to use the same RAW port setting. 

Ira Grollman
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Thanks. This setup was printing successfully in our integration facility and shipped on-site where it doesn't print using Bartender. I will try uninstalling the Bartender driver and deleting their port assignments in the Windows printer manager before reinstalling this evening.

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