How to use Application and Format object in C# Follow



I am completely new to Bartender and trying to figure out how do I get collections of Names Data sources. I found below code from Bartender website. But when I put this code in sample code.

I get red underline for application object and Format object. I have Seagull.BarTender.Print.dll assembly added already. Is there any other assembly I am missing? 

Also Need to know how to get and set Named Data Sources in web bartender.


Thank you for your help...!

// Declare a BarTender application variable

BarTender.Application btApp;


// Declare a BarTender document variable

BarTender.Format btFormat;


// Create a new instance of BarTender

btApp = new BarTender.Application();


// Open a BarTender document

btFormat = btApp.Formats.Open("c:\\Format1.btw"false"");


// Display all of the named data source values



// End the BarTender process


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