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I have a trial version and I a trying to use the com object with Visual studio to directly write variable to the design file. Everything is working fine, but I am not able to setup the printing position correctly. I have setup the as mentioned below and it doesn't matter which position I set, printer ends up printing on first column, In preview, it shoes the label in correct position though. Also, is it possible to set the row? Can print on label for example on column 1 and later I can do it on column 2 , can bartender rewind the stock to print label on next column in previous row?

btPageSetup.SetStock("Brady", "THT-5");

BarTender.PrintSetup btPrintSetup;

// Select the print setup variable                  

btPrintSetup = btFormat.PrintSetup;             

// Set the starting position                  

btPrintSetup.StartingPosition = 2;




Peter Thane
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Not something I have done before, but in the Page Setup for your label format have you ticked this option?

With some printers you can include a top of form command that will rewind the label a small distance back into the printer but not very far (eg  it looks like max15mm on Zebra ZT420) and so this may not be a viable option. Unless the label is made up of a series of small elements on it such as in the image below where there are 12 smaller labels as part of one larger label with the inter-label gaps between each set of 12, then normally with a label printer the rows would be set to 1 anyway in the template, but if the label had been both manufactured like this and configured in BarTender this way then you could set the row value to.



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