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Hi, The labels that were printed using Bartender swapped it's positions. To be precise, the date of manufacture comes second in the label, and the serial number comes third, but due to some reason the serial number was printed in the second place followed by the date of manufacture. In this case, the seagull driver was not installed in the printstation, but for a month we didn't face any issues. But, after some time we had licence issues where the number of printers exceeded the number of licenses. When IT was resolving this issue, we where printing the labels from another printstation that had the seagull drivers. It's where we think that the label swapped. I'm wondering if it's because of the settings change or the driver or Page setup. I'll be glad if you could tell the causal factors that might had an impact on the labels. Also, the labels went from horizontal to vertical. Is it because when It was resolving the issue we where using Bartender on another printstation? Thanks in advance.


Peter Thane
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I cannot think of any printer setting that would adjust the position of the data in label fields on the label and it sounds to me like you are either using a different label format or else some one has changed something in the label design itself and so I would suggest opening the label in BarTender Designer and checking the appropriate fields on the label, If these fields are populated to Data Entry items, then check that they have not been linked to the wrong input field or if they are populated from a database check they are connected to the correct field in the database. 

The horizontal/vertical change is most likely a difference in the driver or page setup. Possibly the former if this has occurred after a driver install. I would suggest checking the orientation in the main driver page setting properties in Control Panel (i normally leave this as the default Portrait). If that is set to Portrait then check the settings and orientation in the Page Setup section in your label in BarTender, 

If the tests work in Designer then save the label and then close and re open Print Station (to guarantee that it has loaded the revised label format into memory) and then test from there.

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