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Dear Team,

unfortunately I have a problem in the Bartender Designer. At the moment it is not possible for me to edit the texts. The problem is that when deleting a letter, the one before it is not deleted, but the one before the last.

I would like to show this briefly using the two examples. The upper case letters are deleted (The same thing happens when I press the space bar.): 

Normal: hellO
Problem in the deisgner: halLo

So it is not possible to edit the label. Keyboard problems have also been ruled out, as the problem has been tested on 2 PCs.


Xabier Clemente
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Hello Thomas,

Thank you for reaching us in our Community Forums.

Perhaps the machines are stuck in insert/overwrite mode. You can test this by opening up one of the affected documents in BarTender and while trying to edit the label press the "Insert" key on the keyboard. It should somewhere right near the Backspace and Delete keys. After pressing "insert" could you reopen the document and check whether you're able to backspace and type new characters as you would expect?

In case the insert key has no effect, then we would need some more context in order to help you with this issue:

  1. Does this issue affect all of your BarTender documents?
  2. If you create a new blank label do you see the same behavior?
  3. What BarTender Version, Edition, and Service Release are you using?
  4. Finally, if you try to access the text element's "Text Properties > Data Source > Embedded Data" menu, if you try to delete a letter from the text displayed here, do you experience the same behavior?

Thank you in advance.

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