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Jasper Wen

It is our pleasure to announce BarTender 2022 Preview 2 is here. Bartender 2022 Preview 2 gives you the opportunity to try out the new and improved features before the release.

This article will help you determine if Preview 2 is a good choice for you.

What is BarTender 2022 Preview 2?

BarTender 2022 Preview 2 gives early access to BarTender's new REST API. This API is separate from the Print Portal REST API and is used to create automated print jobs and tasks. You can read about the REST API here: BarTender REST API.

Who is it for?

BarTender 2022 Preview 2 is most recommended for customers who use the current APIs, Integrations, or are looking for a new method of automating printing.

Where should I install BarTender 2022 Preview 2?

BarTender 2022 Preview 2 (P2) is a pre-release build intended for customers to try out the latest features and changes that will be included in the next upcoming official release. It also contains product fixes (see release notes here). P2 isn't the final 2022 release, so we recommend setting up a sandbox environment for testing before using in production.

For more information on how to download, install, and activate Preview 2, please visit our main download page (Download Preview 2) or support article (Installing and Activating BarTender 2022 Preview 2).

How can I report questions and issues?

If you have a technical question or issue to report, there are 2 possible ways to report them to us:

  • Via the usual support channels (Contact Support) that vary depending on your support plan.

Useful links

Now that you've got to know the basics about BarTender 2022 Preview 2, it's time to dive deeper into the following resources:

Thank you for your interest, and we hope that you take the time and opportunity to try out BarTender 2022 Preview 2. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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