Weight labeling system Multiple Forms Follow


Im building Station for marking bulk goods in a print station.

Most of the data is taken from the database. Such as name, ingredients and price. the weight comes from the connected scales

Weighing results are also recorded in a small database to summarize the weight in the box.

Everything works, but there is a rather long delay between fixing the weight, printing and displaying the form on the screen (until the form is displayed, the weight does not enter the system)

After some experimentation, I realized that most of the time is spent re-reading the fields from the database.

Each label is printed as a separate print job. Then it reopens, reads data and databases, sorts the product, selects the last product, and only after it  is ready to work further.


Is it possible to use, for example, two forms?

The first form record picker and is shown only at the beginning of work (it takes the necessary fields from the database) and the second form contains only the interface of the scales.

Or any suggestions to speed up workflow?



Peter Thane
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Yes you can have multiple forms and configure the input fields as required on to each separate form. Use the option ringed below which you will find near the bottom left hand corner of the Designer window.: 

If you right click on the tabs you can also get into the Properties of the form and setup things like conditionally showing the form etc.


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