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Xabier Clemente
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Hello Praveen,

Thank you for reaching us via our Community Forums.

I presume this message you are getting is related to an Offline Deactivation. 

The Product Deactivation Code you need to enter is not the Product Key Code nor the Support Number, but the code which was provided to you on the following screen during the deactivation process (the one below is a sample code):

I would recommend restarting the deactivation process and following the steps detailed in our article regarding How to Deactivate BarTender; the Offline Deactivation Section to be more precise. If you copy the code which is given to you at the start of the process, you shouldn't have any issues deactivating BarTender offline.

Also, I have removed the Product Key Code you referenced on the image you sent as uploading your Product Key Code information goes against our Forum Policies. Please, remember this is an open forum visible to all, and all information you share here can be seen by others.

Hopefully, this information will have been of use to you.

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