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I have a Zebra ZT410 and am using the Seagull driver. 

My label artwork looks good when I preview it, but it's printing skewed up and to the right. It's shifting the entire label over. It can't seem to print in those areas. It's happening to all of the labels, it's just more noticeable in the smaller ones. The ones with the barcode are 1" x .5".

In this one you can see that in the bottom right the printer is refusing to print at a certain point. It just cut off that text. It does the same thing on the left side. 

I feel like I've tried everything in the driver, but nothing is changing it. The only setting I changed was the Unprintable Width from 0.12in to 0in. Before the change it was only printing part of it, but it was still offset. 

If anyone has any ideas on things to try, any help would be greatly appreciated!


Xabier Clemente
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Hello Katara,

Welcome to the BarTender Community Forums!

We have some documentation that goes through the most common printing issues. In my experience, issues such as the one you are describing are due to an Incorrect page setup or the Printer not being correctly calibrated. Could you review the linked documentation and follow the suggested action plans in order to solve the issue?

Also, below you will find some articles which have some handy step-by-step guides for troubleshooting common printing problems:

Common Printing Issues
Troubleshooting Printing Problems

Let us know if the suggested articles were of use!

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