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Hi all

Brand new to BarTender, so apologies in advance as I'm sure this is painfully easy....

I've got a dataset that has all of our products for sale and split up by country.  Each individual product has a unique SKU, but that SKU exists up to 5 times - one for each country GB, FR, DE, ES and IT.  

When I go into record selector to print, it gives up to 5 lines per product.  Initially I put a filter on to only show GB products, but there are some items that don't have a GB listing so they would be missed.  The ideal scenario is to put a filter on to only show unique entries by SKU....but I can't see how to implement that.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance!




Peter Thane
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You could create 2 labels, one a GB only and the other for the other countries. 

For the GB you could add 2 OR filters one that is set to choose GB only as the country and the second that looks to see if the country is Empty

For the second label add a filter linked to a Query Prompt (I called it CTYSelect) and then on the Data Entry Form add an entry box that the users either type in (Text input) or select a country value from (list box or dropdown list) and link that the query prompt you created above.

At print time the users would choose the country and then the record selector would just show the records for the chosen country. 





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