Label data is from excel. Label Is not getting Printed Properly? Follow


It is two column printer. Direct label print from design is getting printed perfectly.
when data fields are connected to excel database .xlt file, it is getting printed like above, MRP, HT Pr: Words are missing in the
second label and pkd exp and dates are missing in first label. How it can be solved?


Xabier Clemente
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Hi Ashabhanu,

Thank you for reaching us in our BarTender Community Forums.

While BarTender can use Excel sheets as rudimentary databases, we would recommend the use of dedicated database software for advanced use; as Excel has some weird quirks when used as a database (troubleshooting Excel and BarTender). In this case, Excel reads the first two records from each field and determines the type.

So for example, if the first two records are numeric, it will assume all the rest are numeric in nature and communicate this to BarTender. So what would happen if that field also had alphanumeric values further down? As these are not numeric they'll print blank.

Perhaps this is the reason we are experiencing this issue when connected to the Excel spreadsheet. Could you check if the database field type is being properly identified? You can find this information by accessing the "Database Connection Setup..." menu:


And accessing the "Fields" tab:


This will display the different types of fields your database has. In case the field you are having an issue with has a numeric field instead of "Text", we would recommend you erase the connection and recreate it leaving the following option unchecked:


This way all fields will be treated as "Text" and we can work around this limitation with Excel spreadsheets.

Hopefully, this information will be of use. Please feel free to reach us again if you still experience issues with your database fields.

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