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Richard Vieira


    We us the Integration Builder to monitor a directory for a file (*.txt). When that file is dropped it reads the data in the file (%BTW% /AF="c:\LabelFormats\Label.btw" /PRN="IT Label" /?RollNo="12345"  /?RTTXT="Test" /C=1 /P %END% ) to determine what btw file to print and parameters to pass to the .btw file. In the file one of the parameter is ?rollNo which is used to find information in our SQL Database for the roll # which is printed on the label. I also have free text put into the integration file RTTXT which I would like to print on the label. However, I do not know how to pull this into the label.  Any help on how I can get the in passed in RTTXT (test in this example) to be put on the label?


Pete Thane
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Normally I would set this kind of data to be included in the trigger file on a line after the %END% "bracket" with the label link to a text data source for that field. 

With the enhanced Integration Builder that allow for the printer name and label format name etc to be part of the data strings with alot of customers we no longer use the old Commander Script route as a simple data file used as the trigger will suffice and with that you could set the RTTXT as a Named field on the label and declare in Integration Builder that that field 4, for example, in the trigger file contains the data for the RTTXT label field.

Consequently it has been a while since I have used Command Script files and so a bit rusty with them. I know you can declare multiple Query Prompts but trying to remember where you set the name of these for none database prompts. I think it maybe done via adjusting the Object Name of the Data Entry box  (per the image below) but not 100% sure anymore

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