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    Peter Thane

    A bit if an odd one if the same label looks correct on another PC. Is the same true the other way round, ie create a test label on the other PC, save it and reopen it on this one?

    Is it just the display where the issue is, ie if you do a Print Preview and/or Print the label does the trext display and print correctly? 

    Do you get a similar issue if you add a multiline text object? 

    I saw an identical issue to this a few months ago on a Customer's site that was connected to a Windows Update when using an older version of BarTender. This was one of the monthly updated that caused massive printing issues with various software programs across the World and with newer versions of BarTender you got the "blue screen of death" but with this older BarTender the Word Processor objects they were using for their ingredient declarations were becoming truncated. 

    In both instances applying the Windows hotfix resolved the problem and so it maybe worth checking if there have been any Windows updates applied recently. 

    This is the article about the issue I refer to above, but as it is about a year ago since this appeared it is unlikely this is the actual culprit now I would suggest 


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