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Max Pagel

Hey There!


New to bartender and hoping to get a bit of assistance with setup. Here is my usecase:

I need to be able to have a form to create a new "Item", select whether its a serialized asset or we just need a single serial number, how many copies we want to print and how many items we need to create and then print labels. 

We also need to be able to reprint labels in the future for the created items. 

I tried doing this with Data Builder, but I was disappointed to hear that you cannot "append" a data builder file from the automations functions of bartender. 

Do I need to create a external database to get this running? Is this something that can be done within Bartender?


Pete Thane
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If I understand your requirements it sounds like you want BarTender to become a front end for some form of item database as well as being printing labels as and when required for these items. 

Although with some of the advanced features in BarTender you can use it to write out some information to a data file etc it is not really designed for this. At its heart it is a label printing package and not a database creator front end. 

Creating an external database of your assets would be a far simple way to implement this and you could use the Data Builder companion app to help achieve this if you do not have an existing system available already. 

Depending on your version of BarTender and if you have enabled logging etc, then the Reprint Console companion application could be used to reprint specific labels/print runs if required, although with a databased link label and if yu know the serial number(s) that needs reprinting you could just create a template that allows you to select a specific product and then type in the serial number required. 

I hope this helps 

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