Multiple print jobs for the same file - restart necessary Follow


We are using:

BarTender 2021R6

We use one label file using an Excel Database for different products with a Data Entry Form

We noticed that in the BT Designer when we want to start multiple print jobs in a row using the same file that only the first print job gets executed, all following print jobs are not started.

The only solution to print more labels from the same file is to close the file and open it again.

When trying to do the same in the Print Station we have a similar issue: The first print job gets done, when we enter the second one we get an error message "Die maximale Anzahl an Wiederholungsversuchen wurde erreicht" (NO error code - i dont know what the message would say in english). Only after restarting the Print Station we can print again.

This happens with different printers (Zebra + CAB) - so this should definately be a BarTender issue.


Peter Thane
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That sounds like it could be the print quantity is only being set for the first record selected and the rest are using a default value of 0 labels

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