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I'm the owner of a printer KROY K4452 and I can't success to install the drivers on my new computer with windows 11. I have another computer with windows 10 and it works perfectly but with 11 I can't.

Printer is well know by the computer, the installation software see the printer but it failed after.

I put some screenshot (sorry it's in French) but it's written that " An error occurred during the proceeding".


Thanks a lot for your help


Xabier Clemente
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Hello Alexandre,

Thank you for reaching us via our Community Forums.

After a trial and test period on various machines, we can safely confirm we haven't had any issues when installing these drivers:

As you can see on the below screenshot, the Driver Installation Wizard ends successfully:

We would recommend running the installer once again, however this time, instead of selecting the first method you used (either Parallel or serial), select the other option on the wizard.

Hopefully, these recommendations will be of use; if not, please let us know so and we will be happy to continue troubleshooting your issue further.

Alexandre DODIN
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Hello, thanks for your help and all test you did and it not works.

I use windows 11 on my MacBook Pro with with a virtual machine (parallel desktop). It works on my first Macbook Pro (same configuration with virtual machine) but not works on the new one.

The only difference between 2 computers is about the CPU, my new Mac run with ARM chip (Apple M1) but normally it should not matter because the system automatically convert all software to run without issue (I have no other issue with all software, printers etc.. I have)

Thanks a lot 

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