How to change When to increment event in serialization transform by c# code Follow


I need to set the event to "Standard" in some case and "Every copy" in some other case. I am changing this event value manually in btw file, can i change this event value by c# code...?

Thanks in advance.


Xabier Clemente
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Hello Yashwanth,

Thank you for reaching us via the Community Forums!

We have created a feature request for this query with our development team, who will begin working in a way of accomodating this request in future BarTender releases. If more Community users would like to see this feature implemented, please, let us know by commenting in this thread or upvoting the original post, so we can update the request and give it more visibility.

I'll keep you updated with any developments on this subject, and feel free to reach us with any queries regarding BarTender.

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