GS1-128 with Voice Pick - FN1 character error, or Voice Pick breaks depending Follow


(Note:  I'm on version 10.1 SR4.  BT support has indicated this version is no longer supported - I'm reaching out to my boss regarding upgrading.)

We are being asked to set up a GS1-128 + Voice Pick Code label by a customer/vendor, but I'm having some trouble - seeing a different issue, depending on how I approach.

If I use the stock Voice Pick label, and modify with the minimum changes to meet their spec, the label fails their test scan, with her reporting there's an extra FN1 character.  First two screenshots below show the error being reported, and the label I'm referring to.

If I create the GS1-128 barcode using the GS-1 wizard, this scans perfectly on their end, but it breaks the Voice Pick code. I believe this breaks because the GS1-128 data element Names no longer tie out to the Named Data sources, which I'm assuming the Voice Pick Code function references.  Third screenshot shows the Named Data Sources I'm referring to.

I have attempted to rename the GS1 Barcode's data sources, to match the pre-existing Named Data Sources, but this ends up turning the barcode elements into, essentially, gibberish.  Looks like the AI codes are dropped and the remaining elements get squished.

If I set up the GS1-128 barcode using the GS1-128 wizard, and set the elements to use Clock... and then separately configure the Named Data Sources to be identical (Clock, Date, yyMMdd for both Pack Date and Lot Code), the Voice Pick Code still does not match  the results on

Is this an issue that may be resolved by upgrading from 10.1 SR4, to BT 2021, or am I making a mistake?




Extra FN1 character error that the customer is reporting.  These labels scan with our barcode readers.  Her reply:

"There is an extra FN1 character after the GTIN number which is causing the system to think that the following number is another GTIN number."


~Stock label, with minimal changes - this is what received the FN1 error above:


Named Data Sources that came with the sample, for reference -


Data element comparison using the stock/sample Voice Pick label vs using the GS1 wizard to create the barcode.  Using GS1 Wizard to create the barcode appears to break the Voice Pick Code.


Results from trying to change the GS1 barcode's element names to match the pre-existing Named Data Sources.


PTI Voice Code Calc:

My result with GS1-128 Wizard + setting up GS1 data elements separately but identical to the Named Data Source config.

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