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Bartender Application slowness


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Brian,

    Welcome to the BarTender Community Forums!

    In order to properly start troubleshooting this issue, could you answer these questions for us?

    • Did you install Bartender 2019 R10 for the first time on those workstations or did you start experiencing this behavior after updating BarTender?
    • Do the machines currently have pending updates from Windows \ is it currently up to date? I strongly recommend you update your system and reboot the computer, as pending updates for .NET Framework can cause this type of latency. -

    Also, I would like you to try a small test as it could potentially fix the issue:

    On the machines where you are facing this latency, could you please try to restart the BarTender System Service from the Administration Console > Windows Services section:

    Finally, depending on your environment, we might also try to see if installing BarTender 2021 or 2016 on one of those machines gets around the issue.​

    Hopefully, the service restart does the trick. If not, perhaps we might be dealing with some corrupted installations which might need a full BarTender removal and installation.


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