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Configure multiple bartender instances via Integration Builder



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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Emrah,

    Thank you for reaching us via the BarTender Community forums.

    When it came to Commander, users with Enterprise editions could manually define the amount of processes BarTender would execute for each integration. However, this was changed in BarTender 2016 and above with the Integration Builder application.

    Now, all these processes are automatically managed by the Print Scheduler service, which is in charge of allocating the number of processes depending on the volume and characteristic of the print jobs, ensuring a guaranteed equilibrium of performance and a correct print order (this is key for serialized print jobs).

    Having said that, now we would need to test Integration Builder's available options and see what works best for us; taking into account our environment and labels. Now, having read your post, we would recommend the following:

    When creating an integration, by default, the second action is the one that is selected; if this action is left unchanged, the integration will wait for the print job to be processed before continuing with the following trigger. If we only have an integration running when this option is active, then it'll be uncommon for the Print Scheduler to use more than an engine, as there is no need to wait for more incoming information. However, if we would change the option to "Queue print job...", then the integration will begin processing the next print job before, and thus, the Print Scheduler will have an easier time managing the workload with multiple engines.

    All in all, as we previously mentioned, it would depend on multiple factors, such as your environments and your labels.

    I hope this information was of use, and if you have further questions, please feel free to reach us again!

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    Emrah Aksoy

    Hi Xabier,

    Thanks for you're reply, appreciate it!

    With the option of ''Queue print job and continue immediately'' I see that triggerfiles will be handled much quicker then when I choose for the second option but as result it still opens under Task Manager (background) 1 bartender.exe instance. So in the end as output (creation of PDF files) it hasn't any effect. 

    I'm searching for an option where i can increase the speed of creation PDF files as output. Within the earlier versions of BT EA in Commander you can easily attach to 1 trigger to 4 multiple bartender.exe instances via Bartender Command Handler Setup. In case when I place 4 triggerfiles it handles every triggerfile in each bartender.exe instance and this results in that I have in 1 second, 4 output files PDFs or PRNs. 

    I did already few test with BT2021 EA and actually i'm not succeeded yet with creation of PDF / PRN files

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    Tom Clowers

    Is there anything new on this? I'm curious if the Print Scheduler actually creates a second instance or not.


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