"Floating" Characters at the End of Sentences Follow


Hi All,

I am new to BarTender, and am in the process of setting up templates for product carton marking files. On every file I am working with, I have been getting a strange error that has to do with the last character used in a sentence in normal wrapped type. When I go in and edit the line in the paragraph, this last character is always un-editable. I can try to change its size, color, or even delete it, but it will always be there. On top of that, when I set up the data transfer from excel, it will always have this random character in the template. 

See below for an example. The N and X that I have highlighted cannot be removed or formatted to match the rest of the document. When I drop in the data to fill the X's, that last X remains in the document. This also carries through to the printed document. 


Has anyone else seen or solved this issue? The only workaround I have found is to enter the data line by line instead of wrapped. This takes longer than I'd like since the original documents I am working from are paragraph format. 


Pete Thane
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It sounds like you may have some additional substrings in there or else perhaps some Transforms settings set that shouldn't be. 

A screenshot of the Properties of your Text field showing the Data Sources may help to diagnose things

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