Bartender 2021 crashing Follow


No other updates or system changes. Suddenly unable to launch product or open label files to print. Application closes immediately. User has administrative rights to the system. What else can we look at?


Xabier Clemente
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Hi Kayla,

Thank you for reaching us via the BarTender Community Forums!

In order to properly troubleshoot this issue, we would need some more information:

  • Is this issue affecting more than one workstation?

  • Is there any error or warning message being displayed on the machine's Event Viewer at the time of the crashing? If so, could you share a screenshot with us?
  • Is there any new Antivirus or Firewall software installed on this workstation?

In the meantime, I would recommend installing the latest BarTender revision over the top on the faulty workstation. You can find the latest BarTender 2021 revision here, and instructions on how to update it here.

Thank you!

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