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I was sent a Label template from one of our suppliers and I am receiving the ".BTW was created with a newer version of BarTender and therefore cannot be loaded." I checked the notepad and file properties and found it was created in BarTender 2021 R8 and compatibility for 2021 R1 and higher. I am currently running 2021 R8 on Windows x64 build 18363. The only thing I can think of that might be causing the error is the Windows version 10 x64 build 22000. 


Any insight would be most appreciated!


Xabier Clemente
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Hi Dustin!

Thank you for reaching us via the Community Forums.

In order to properly troubleshoot this issue, we would need to take a look at the faulty BarTender document. If you have a Maintenance & Support agreement active with us, then you can reach us via web-form, chat, or phone.

In order to access support, go to our Get Support page and enter your Support Number, this will automatically check your support status and provide you with links to your available lines of support. Also, please be sure to have your BarTender Support Number with you ready when you reach us as our technicians will have to check on your license and see what the status is from our side.

Thank you.

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