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Integration with BTXML and print server routing issues



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    Xabier Clemente

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for reaching us via our Community Forums!

    This could be an issue with default user permissions. By default, all Integration services are executed with the Local System account, which usually lacks enough permissions to access the necessary web resources.

    We can fix this by going to the User Account settings in Integration Builder and assigning a user account with enough permissions to print to those printers:

    I hope this helps!

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    Kenneth Fox

    I wouldn't know of a different account to use here.  This is a production environment and I can't add new users myself on the fly.  If you don't mind please elaborate.

    Also in previous posts you indicated that for optimal performance we should use locally defined printers on the Integration server.  This will be a very high volume environment so do you think the sending of print request to remote printers is not even a good idea?


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