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A cell in the Excel database is not read correctly. The text is truncated in half. It does not happen for the whole column, but only in some rows.


Peter Thane
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Is it text that is missing but numbers showing? 

ie 123ABC comes through as just 123?

If so then this is probably something to do with the ODBC driver. If the data in a column starts as all numeric for the first couple of records the ODBC driver "decides" that it a numeric only column and so any letters in latter rows are not passed through to other programs like BarTender and this can result in either truncated or completely missing data.

Changing the format of the field to "Text" in Excel does not rectify this either as the ODBC just seems to ignore this formatting. 

A simple way round this is place either a record with either text only or a combined text and number field in the top row (after your headers if you use them). I have previously added a record at the top of the sheet which had the word "dummy" or "test" in all the fields.

I hope this helps

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